Giuliana Storino was born in Maduria (Ta) 1986 lives and works in Milan.
She work in the field of visual arts on the border between nature and artifice, between word and form, balance and oscillation, with particular attention to painting and its traditional supports. In her work she combines interdisciplinary, research and rigorous, expressed through tactile interactions with materials, and the generative potential of manual activity. Memory and earthly rhythms, technique and language, find the link, in the concept of time, that includes: human evolution (I vertebrates 2016; 21), technique e technological (Human, 2016), combined with the process of production of the work of art (Rocking easel 2018; 2020). 1 One research placed around bodily intelligence, which expresses itself through tactile interactions with materials and potential generative of manual rhythmic activity. Spacing between different medium, translates the pictorial language to a dimension architectural-environmental, favoring the body and sensoriality. In your recent productions you investigate the tékhne-loghìa, meaning it as the fundamental dimension of world transformation; the influences they produce on man and the indissoluble link to the production process of the work of art. Experimenting with different materials and languages she weaves space and time, image and illusion, landscape and sound, body and architecture, calling into question the human feeling.

Among the latest exhibitions dedicated to her are:
2022 Crac, Castel Nuovo Rangone (Mo);
2021 Admitted to the public selection WONDERFUL Award in support of Italian art, archive dossier on Italian art. Department of Culture of the Municipality of Florence, in collaboration with MUS.E
2020 extended to 2021, The sun is new every day, Archaeological Museum di Santa Scolastica, Bari;
2021 Touch the cloud that sleeps, a cura di M.Chiara Wan, A60 Contemporary Art Space, Milano | Firenze | Pechino. 2020 Two cultures and space, curated by Qiu Yi, Qingdao Space Sculpture Art Museum, China.